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The CatnClever app offers your child academic enrichment without the need for caregiver supervision – for your peace of mind and the gift of some time for yourself. CatnClever is an ad-free app that provides quality content that supports early childhood development through playful learning activities.

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Education games to jumpstart academic performance at school

The CatnClever app provides preschoolers with story-based educational exercises, featuring three friendly and engaging characters. Lily the cat, Sammy the dog, and Maxi the little mouse guide your child through many entertaining activities, creating memorable learning fun. The curriculum has been developed in consultation with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme as well as the corresponding scope and sequence curricula in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Mathematik lernen mit CatnClever
Buchstabieren mit CatnClever

Safe entry into the digital world

Creative and educational content gives children the perfect and safe introduction into the digital world. The learning app CatnClever for preschool children can also be used anytime and anywhere, because all you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Reinforcement of social skills

The promotion of social skills is more important than ever. In addition to the development of cognitive skills such as counting, spelling and spatial thinking, CatnClever also focuses on the reinforcement of socio-cultural aspects, including respectful interaction with each other. Understanding different cultures and perceptions belong to the central concept of the app.

Empathie lernen mit CatnClever
catnclever - lernapp – Dashboard für die Eltern

Parent Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed to help you easily track and follow your child's progress, providing insight into their interests and strengths, and highlighting areas where they may need additional support. The dashboard also gives caregivers the ability to customize lessons and adjust content based on the child's age and level of development.

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