CatnClever - educational games for children

The Clever Forever Education AG develops a highly innovative digital learning platform. Our App CatnClever promotes early childhood education and aims at preschoolers aged 3-7 with serious games screen time on mobile iOS or Android devices.

We are intending to become Europe's #1 EdTech company for gamified learning and to reach 5 million users within 5 years.

CatnClever - innovative app and learning platform

Our fully interactive app stands out with the integration of a newly developed, innovative learning platform that allows for a model of adaptive learning that is unique to each child. It is based on input from both parents as well as results from AI / machine learning analysis. 

Other novel features are the multi-subject offering and our unique parent dashboard. Each daily lesson includes a curated selection of different learning subjects (such as math, language, empathy, spatial awareness, physical exercise, etc.). 

In the parent dashboard parents can view the learning progress of their child, and also get insights in the curriculum of the app. The curriculum is developed by pedagogical experts and is based on the Swiss ‘Lehrplan 21’ and the International Baccalaureate ‘Primary Years Programme’. 

Our app CatnClever is an ad-free app that provides a safe environment for young kids. It transports European values and offers specifically composed music for this app. CatnClever can be played in English and German languages and features translations in Ukrainian and Russian to support the integration of the Ukrainian refugees.

The founders and the team

Our core team (working together for 3 years) covers all skills needed to successfully develop and manage our product.

Olga - CEO & Co-founder - brings together excellent business development, organizational and networking skills. Being a gifted child In her early childhood (music and math Olympics), she understands and strongly promotes the urgent need for early childhood education. ­

Sebastian - CTO & Co-founder - brings excellent multi-year experience as IT / software engineer which allows us to develop a technologically sound and modern application that distinguishes itself from all similar applications at the market.

Emma - Head of Content & CD -  is a real multi-talent with strong lecturer experience andexpertise. As an expert in arts & music, she supervises our pedagogues and design team, and produces the music for all lessons. 

For the programming, we work together with one of the leading companies worldwide for online applications.

Invest in CatnClever

We have tokenized some of our shares with the help of under the ticker symbol CEFS.

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Equity structure

Clever Forever Education AG is a Swiss corporation with its registered office in St. Gallen SG and the commercial register number CHE-132.944.650. Its purpose is to develop and market software solutions for digital learning for users of all ages.

Its capital is divided into shares of which shares are held by the company itself. Based on a registration agreement, shares of Clever Forever Education AG are registered as ERC-20 tokens named on the Ethereum blockchain. The current market price per share is , which corresponds to a market capitalization of .

Business reports

The Clever Forever Education AG was founded in 2022 with CHF 100’000 capital. According to our projections, we will reach break-even by 2024. We need investments for further development of our technology platform, for expanding into the new markets, and for the marketing activities

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