Sharing our vision at Aktionariat Investor Event in Zurich

April 7, 2023

We were thrilled to be a part of the Aktionariat investor event held at the Papiersaal in Zurich on March 30. It was an exciting opportunity for us to connect with like-minded individuals, and share our vision, and also witness how technology is driving change in various industries. Our CEO Olga Ruf-Fiedler held an impressing elevator that directed to our stand many interested parties. The whole CatnClever Team had some fascinating conversations with participants interested in Early Childhood Education. Thanks to Aktionariat, modern blockchain technology will also make it possible for small investors to instantly purchase tokenized shares of a company that is not yet listed on a stock exchange. We therefore welcome anyone to invest in Early Childhood Education and join our Catnclever investors community. You can make an impact on