Avoiding a burnout

September 11, 2023

😔What to do when the intrinsic motivations fades?🌑

🌪Apathy, despair, powerlessness - these are all symptoms of emotional burnout that are familiar to any mother. It doesn't matter how many children you have or how much you love them. Motherhood is the most difficult job 24/7 without weekends or vacations.

🎡Read on our Instagram page where burnout begins and what its symptoms and stages are.

❗️This syndrome is dangerous because it can lead to suicidal thoughts and a desire to escape from reality.⠀👉But you can change the situation instead of running away, by seeking help from relatives, friends, psychologists, and by giving yourself more rest, pleasant emotions, and learning to release negativity.

❤️Are you familiar with maternal burnout? How did you cope with it? Let's gather in the comments the methods that helped you.P.S. Advice from CatnClever: pour yourself a glass of tea or something stronger and give the child a tablet or phone with our app😉 15 minutes of silence and time for yourself are guaranteed to you, during which the child will repeat colors, counting, and learn the names of animals👌